Blog & Podcast
  • Date: Jan 11, 2017
  • Duration: 41:57
Join Wamda Capital's Turkey based Venture Partner, Kaan Kalıpçı as he discusses the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Turkey with Hande Çilingir and Cankut Durgun...
  • Date: Sep 04, 2016
  • Duration: 30:01
Join Fadi Ghandour in our first Arabic podcast episode as he discusses the the development and state of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in KSA with his guests Mazen Al Darrab, the GM of Harakat production, and Salman AlSuhaibaney, the CEO and Founder of Morni KSA.
  • Date: Aug 07, 2016
  • Duration: 56:37
Khaled Talhouni moderates Wamda Capital's 4th podcast episode with his guests, as they discuss the state of digital content and digital spend in the MENA region...
  • Date: Jul 03, 2016
  • Duration: 42:40
Join Khaled Talhouni as he discusses the state of e-commerce and payment trends, issues, and opportunities in the MENA region with his guests...
  • Date: May 02, 2016
  • Duration: 45:11
Special live taping of a panel discussion at Wamda Capital’s annual LP investor event. In this episode Fares Ghandour discusses the state of the regional startup ecosystem....
  • Date: Apr 10, 2016
  • Duration: 32:55
This is The Wamda Capital podcast’s inaugural episode, one of many more to come where we’ll be hosting various guests from the tech and startup ecosystem.